UK Government Plans To Ban Wet Wipes

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The Best Flushable Wet Wipes Alternatives

Hygiene has always been people’s concern especially in the new era of civilization. People are now advancing from the basics of proper handwashing to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. Anal hygiene has become the new topic of health.

SATU Laboratory in Pori, Finland on 14th of July

SATU Laboratory, has been selected as one of the finalists in the Pori Polar Bear Pitching event. In Pitch or Freeze! competition the hottest startups of Finland get to pitch their businesses from ice cold water to the jury including notable business influencers Hjallis Harkimo, Jorma Terentjeff and Bruce J. Oreck . The pitches will be live streamed to MTV Katsomo, and … Continued

DIY wet wipes with healthcare startup SATU Laboratory

Throughout history people have used moisturizing components for cleaning their bottoms—yes I used the B-word—and in many countries, even today, the use of dry toilet paper is considered dirty and unhygienic. In these countries, the most common practice is a thorough, soapy wash and rinse afterwards using a ‘bidet.’ This is logical because we neither clean … Continued

Still using dry toilet paper? Upgrade to Gel Wipe

If our hands get dirty, we wash them with soap. If our hair is greasy, we wash it with the help of shampoo. Why then do we behave differently after visiting the toilet? Choosing to hope only on dry paper? The buttock skin is very delicate and sensitive;

Pitching in an ice hole

SATU Laboratory, has been selected as one of the finalists in the Polar Bear Pitching event. It has been called the world coolest pitching event as entrepreneurs stand in ice cold water during pitch that has no time limit.

CEO among finalists of global enterprise competition

Siim Saat, the director of the Estonian startup SATU Laboratory, has been selected as one of the 10 finalists in the international health care startup competition ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. His place among the finalists was won with the startup’s marketing of the innovative Gel Wipe product, which is designed for wiping bottoms.