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Summer Festival Tips 2019: How to stay clean and keep good personal hygiene in difficult conditions

The sun is out, the sky is blue and you’re dancing to your favourite band. Life is good. Except… for the sweat creeping down your backside and those less than desirable sweat patches starting to show. It is important to keep good personal hygiene in the summer months, especially at a festival, where showers are scarce, mud is all around and toilets often run out of toilet paper. However, there are steps you can take to combat these issues and continue partying whilst smelling like a daisy.

Squeaky clean body

If you know there most likely won’t be showers at the festival destination, then it is important to shower right before you go and wash yourself thoroughly. Exfoliate your skin to get rid of any dead skin, wash and condition your hair and moisturise your skin when you are done to help your skin stay hydrated over the next few days. If you get a chance to find a water tap at the festival, you can also take a small towel with you, soak it in water and wash your important body parts to stay fresher.

Brush morning and night

Just because you are living the festival life, doesn’t mean your oral hygiene needs to be neglected. If you brush with an electric toothbrush, make sure it is fully charged before you arrive at the festival and don’t forget toothpaste! All the drink (perhaps alcohol) and food over the days will take a toll on your teeth. Brush every morning and before you go to sleep to remove plaque and keep your breath fresh. You will be surprised how much fresher clean teeth can make you feel in the morning!

Pack Gel Wipe by Satu Laboratory

Wet wipes are a popular product to bring along to festivals as they help keep you feeling fresh, however, they are usually not environmentally friendly and they tend to clog toilets, leading to an even worse situation. Gel Wipe by Satu Laboratory is designed to add to toilet paper, so when you wipe, you are removing 100% of all waste and leaving your body fresh and clean. The special formula makes sure the gel doesn’t soak through the paper, which means your fingers also stay clean. Sometimes, normal toilet paper can cause small abrasions and irritations that allow germs under the skin. Gel Wipe contains vitamin E and Panthenol to keep your skin moist and help heal damaged skin. A bottle of Gel Wipe moisturises 21-36 full rolls of toilet paper, depending on how much you use. The bottle contains a lock to avoid any leaks and is perfect for taking away with you. Gel Wipe is available in Amazon.

The cleaner you are able to stay, the less likely you are to develop infections, irritations and nasty smells. After all, you might meet the love of your life at a festival and you’ll want to smell like roses, won’t you?!

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