UK Government Plans To Ban Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes Saved From Oceans & Sewers: 1 401 349

Top Flushable Wet Wipes Alternatives: Toilet Paper Moisteners Comparison

Toilet paper moisteners are gaining popularity but which one is right for you? We created a chart of popular toilet tissue moisteners available in Amazon. 

CompanySATU laboratoryFresh WipeRefresh Liquid WipeEtiquettePristine
Amazon Rating5.
Approved For Children Under 3 Years Of Age?YesNoNoNoNo
Top positive reviewVery nice, cleans without irritating, leaves no residue of its own, and no worries about flushing since you put it on your toilet paper. It will probably last for months, I don't know yet; it takes very little to be effective. I've been using this for about a month now and the supply seems to be almost undiminished, as best I can tell. Will buy again. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of wipes, don't have room for a bidet or don't like them, but like to be really fresh and clean, this is a great solution to those conflicting needs!The solution to clogged pipes and dirty heinies. Seriously think this will last over a year with just my use. Couldn't be happier with the product.I like using this instead of flushable wipes. I feel cleaner without harming the environment. Will definitely continue using this product.At last, wipes that are really safe to flush. Three squirts of this lotion on the toilet tissue and it's a wipe, but it can be flushed because it's still only toilet paper. Brilliant idea, and it works. No perfumes or dyes that I can detect. An excellent product!So at first I was a little taken back by how I thought this was going to work. I actually bought it so I could take this little bottle with me when I am camping. After the first use, this has become a staple in my restroom. Better than buying wet wipes or baby bottom wet wipes. Just a couple sprays on your paper and you get a very clean feel. Best use for me is camping when you don’t have the luxury of a shower. Makes you feel very fresh while on the trail.
Top negative reviewnonePoor product, like water.Didn't clean well.I have used other toilet paper moisteners before that created a nice fluffy foam. This one is not like those. I'm on my second bottle now and all this stuff does is squirt out slightly bubbly liquid that instantly soaks through the paper, causing it to completely fall apart during use.
I do not recommend this product.
I had to throw this away.
First I tried it on toilet paper but no matter the amount of sprays, it made the toilet paper start disintegrating immediately.
Then I tried it with my baby's cloth wipes. The spray was too fine to really soak the wipe so I tried spraying directly on him then wiping. That seemed ok at first but then he developed a rash so I gave up and tossed what was left.

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