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The Best Flushable Wet Wipes Alternatives

Hygiene has always been people’s concern especially in the new era of civilization. People are now advancing from the basics of proper handwashing to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. Anal hygiene has become the new topic of health. Wiping the anal orifice with toilet paper removes the gross fecal material, but much dirt is left in situ. Most parents wipe their infants with baby wipes, and the trend is being picked up by adults all over the world. However, while wet wipes are useful in anal hygiene, environmental concerns have raised the need for its alternative. The major disadvantages of wet wipes include:

  • Damaging sewer lines hence causing plumbing issues
  • Littering beaches and other resorts
  • Annihilating marine life

The devastating effect resulting from wet wipes has caused a global outcry against the sanitary practice. Major countries involved in the campaign against wet wipes like the US, UK, and Australia have taken bold strides even to ban flushable wet wipes in their markets. The claims that wet wipes are decomposable in water turned out to be false, and the only safe way to dispose of them would be through the regular garbage bin. Unless we want to throw wet wipes laden with feces in our bins, the following alternatives are present and recommended:

  1. Bidet

This is a common solution in old Europe and among wealthy people. The Bidet is a sink meant for washing the perineum, genitalia, anus, and buttock areas. Although some concerns with using Bidet include the possibility of the spread of fecal bacteria to vaginal area in females, it is environmentally friendly. Top pick: Villeroy & Boch

  1. Gel Wipe

A newer solution that is rapidly growing in use is the Gel Wipe. A gel is applied to the toilet paper by an individual in the last stages of cleaning and moisturizing the anal skin area. It is the best solution if you are in outdoor activities such as traveling or hiking.That is not to say that it is not applicable at home since it comes in a hygienic handy bottle. Top pick: Gel Wipe –  purchase from pharmacies in Northern Europe or Amazon US and Amazon UK.

  1. Water Bucket

The Water Bucket has always been a solution in Asia where you hardly find any water closet toilets. People use the left hand for wiping and washing the anus after using the toilet since the right hand is used for eating. Top pick: Indipets

  1. Reusable Cloth Wipes

The catch here is that it is a reusable method which can be home made. At home, cotton wipes are made by mixing one part of baby shampoo with water to make the solution for moistening the cloth. It is a fantastic solution if you care pro-environmental conservation. The demerit is that you must wash the cloth after every use. Top pick: Cheeky Wipes

  1. Shower Toilet

This practice emerged from Japan and is now also spreading across European and US markets. In essence, it is a toilet combined with the bidet. The Shower and Toilet is furnished with comfort technology that includes bells and whistles like music and mood lighting. Top pick: Geberit

Our top pick is Gel Wipe, but the type of alternative to choose depends on your budget, needs & habits. You can purchase Gel Wipe from pharmacies in Northern Europe or  Amazon UK Amazon US.

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  1. Yes, I just came up with an idea for replacing the flushable drain clogging wipes that cost us $497 to clean out the drain today. After reading numerous claims for flushable wipes,, I turned off the laptop and thought. Suddenly the idea of a can of safe use foam to spray in the personal areas, then quick wipe with 1 or 2 ply toilet paper would not clog sewer drains. Then I found some other area had the same idea. So, when can we see the foamer to appear on WalMart shelves?

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