UK Government Plans To Ban Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes Saved From Oceans & Sewers: 1 401 349

Still using dry toilet paper? Upgrade to Gel Wipe

If our hands get dirty, we wash them with soap. If our hair is greasy, we wash it with the help of shampoo. Why then do we behave differently after visiting the toilet? Choosing to hope only on dry paper?

The buttock skin is very delicate and sensitive; this means that if you wipe several times a day with rough paper, damaged skin and neglected areas might create ​​hygiene issues. Toilet paper may remove most dirt, but the skin and the hair will definitely remain dirty. This doesn’t sound too good right? Unfortunately, even the most silky paper alone doesn’t do wonders.

What to do then? 

Since it is not possible for us to go into the shower after each toilet visit, we need an alternative that completely cleans dirt, leaving our bottom skin soft, clean and healthy. Here comes the moisturizing Gel Wipe to the rescue.

Why is it needed?

The reasons to not only create but dedicate a full shelf in the bathroom or at the very least a bag for the cleansing moisturizing gel are several. For sure, nursing parents know that a “surprise“ in their baby’s pants can and will appear at most inconvinient time and place. In such situations, having a moisturizing gel handy can be a great way to get the child’s bottom quickly and gently cleansed. SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe is suitable for children under the age of three.

Adults too stand to benefit a lot from using the Gel Wipe. At a certain age, the skin especially in women becomes drier in our intimate areas. Wiping with rough toilet paper may cause skin irritation,discomfort and can lead to other issues. Why not prevent it in the bud by using Gel Wipe today?

The gel wipe comes especially recommended when we’re down with a stomach viruses such as diarrhea. Sciatic sweeping with dry tissue turns painful and sore after the second or third time, because the skin is irritated. Moisturizing and soothing component in the Gel Wipes helps to alleviate this problem.

In addition to improving hygiene, there exist the added benefit of clean underwears. Sweating spreads missed dirt on the ass to your underwears, in addition to the stain on your pants, it can emit a foul odor. Polls show that poor personal hygiene is one of the biggest turn-offs in the opposite sex andnothing is unsexier than “the first striped” briefs.

In other words, you’ll be getting less reason to bother and a fresh feeling all day!

How to use Gel Wipe:

  1. Clean anal area with a dry toilet paper like you usually do and throw the paper away.
  2. Take new, clean sheet and double-fold it.
  3. Apply a drop of gel on a clean toilet paper and wipe your bottom with it.
  4. Wipe the area with a dry toilet paper.

You can purchase Gel Wipe from here.

5 responses to “Still using dry toilet paper? Upgrade to Gel Wipe

  1. There are no biodegradable wet wipes. When it rains the sewer pumps directly into the river to prevent flooding. This means all your wipes enter the sea and break down a bit but never biodegrade.

  2. At his is a delicate subject to approach. And it is time to change this . Sears catalogue s , and corn cobs are in a day long gone by . Good luck .

  3. These aren’t flushable. NONE of the wet wipes are flushable. They block all the machinery at sewage treatment works, they cause pollution, they’re the reason for sewage flooding. Stop producing them

    1. Hi. It’s good to hear that people care about the environment, but please read the post and what we do before telling us to stop producing wet wipes – we’ve never produced a single wet wipe! We have a hygenical gel that you apply to regular toilet paper!

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